The Bike Prom Collective

The Victoria Bike Prom is a not-for profit event, organized by a voluntary collective of folks who are passionate about bikes: The Bike Prom Collective.  We believe in the power of bicycles and their technologies to transform our lives and societies.  We also believe in creating our communities and culture on our own terms and in just ways, living creatively and passionately, and having a good ole time.   We strive to create events that are inclusive, accessible, affordable, inspired, and fun.

What does inclusivity mean to us?

We recognize that members of our communities experience marginalizationon the basis of ability, race, gender, sexuality, size, ethnicity, class, age, country of origin, and a myriad of other dimensions of oppression. We recognize that marginalization creates barriers to the full and safe participation of many people in community events, and so we strive to operate our collective and host events in ways that are inclusive of marginalized folks.  In practice, this means that we invite input about how our events can be as safe and enjoyable as possible for marginalized folks; that we strive to develop our awareness of marginalization and oppression and incorporate it into every aspect of how we organize; that we strive to make our events safer spaces, meaning that we have a zero tolerance policy on sexism, racism, homophobia, ableism, non-consensual touching, and other forms of oppression.

What does accessibility mean to us?

Bodily limitations prevent many folks from being physically or mentally able to ride a conventional bicycle.  However, there are abundant variations in ability, as well as in styles of bicycle and wheeled transport more generally.  We strive to create events that are accessible to people of all abilities.  In practice, this means that we invite participation from folks using all varieties of simple, low-energy, wheeled transportation; we strive to host events in locations that are accessible for people of a wide range of physical abilities; and we encourage input about how our events can become more accessible.

What does affordability mean to us?

We believe that everyone has a right to be involved in their communities.  The price of admission to our events is based on what we can afford to charge to ensure that we cover our expenses, and we employ a sliding scale.

What do inspiration and fun mean to us?

 We organize Bike Prom because we think that our local bike communities are worth celebrating.  We want to stir something in people – to provoke onlookers to get on their bikes, and to remind participants why they fell in love with bikes in the first place.  We want to push ourselves and one another to think creatively about our day-to-day lives – about how something as simple as pushing pedals can be an inspired experience.  We want to facilitate the ongoing expansion and development of local bike communities, and invite others to create bike events, art, performances, and collectives of their own.  Mostly, we want everyone to have a good time together.

Want to get involved, or join our collective?  Email and tell us a little about yourself and what you’d like to do!


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